Capping a Plastic-Free Year at PTC
By: ptcadminacess

PTC conducted an awarding ceremony to cap the second phase of its “Plastic Free Starts With Me” campaign which promoted the use of the ecobrick as a means to address the problem of plastic pollution, especially in the oceans. At the culmination of the second Bottle It Up Challenge, the PTC Group’s organization-wide ecobrick drive, a total of 859 ecobricks containing 623.51 kilos of plastic waste were collected in just five months. Adding the 713 bottles weighing 457 kilos collected from the San Antonio Village Elementary School (SAVES), PTC’s partner school, and the 267 kilos from the first phase of the initiative, the campaign ends the year with a total of 2,013 ecobricks, equivalent to 1,347.65 kilos of plastic.These have been repurposed to ecobrick modules in the form of 21 stools donated to the Bucal Elementary School, 54 stools and two tables donated to SAVES, and 30 stools and five tables installed at First Maritime Place.

Aside from keeping more than a thousand kilos of plastic waste out of the oceans, the project has also earned PTC the distinction of being the first company in the Philippines to conduct an organization-wide ecobrick project. PTC was also recognized with the Welfare and Corporate Social Responsibility Award at the Crew Connect Global Industry Awards for this effort. The project has likewise been acknowledged by the local government of Makati and will soon be introduced to South Korea through the Korean partner teachers of SAVES. Through ecobricking, PTC Group employees have helped minimize the company’s plastic waste by 80%.

Awarded for contributing the most number of ecobricks were Arsenia Chung of Accounting (3rd place), Jessa Mae Mandagan of PHILCAMSAT (2nd place) and Mary Grace Abella of Eletson (1st place). In the group category, the 4th Floor offices clinched Third Place, followed by the 7th Floor offices at Second Place and the 9th Floor offices at First Place.

“Plastic-Free Starts WithMe” will continue in 2019, expanding to other segments of PTC’s immediatecommunity through various activities and more innovative efforts.

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