Philcamsat-PTC Collaboration Meeting on New Courses
By: ptcadminacess

The Philippine Center for Advanced Maritime Simulation and Training (Philcamsat) reinforced its commitment to be the country’s center of excellence in quality maritime training during the PTC-Philcamsat Collaboration Meeting held at the Legaspi room of First Maritime Place last February 14, 2019.

The program highlighted the Center’s passion to provide value-driven training solutions to its internal clients through a unique approach to professional development, a fresh set of specialized courses, facilities and accreditations, as well as a brand new take on inspiring the next generation of Global Maritime Professionals.

Philcamsat Executive Director Philbright Boni Ang underlined the role of quality training in the transformation of seafarers into Global Maritime Professionals (GMPs). “Our uniqueness lies in building future leaders and in creating crew members who are promotion-ready,” said Mr. Ang in his lecture. This is done through the Cornerstone and Capstone Program which aims to increase the number of GMPs who sail with accelerated credentials, relieving principals’ from onboard succession challenges.

Clients were also briefed by Philcamsat’s Carlito Finez on industry regulatory updates to remind crewing managers on which note-worthy circulars are currently in effect. Business Operations Director Roy Akker then highlighted Philcamsat’s sustained dedication to meeting and exceeding international industry standards through new accreditations from the Belgian Maritime Institute (BMI) and OPITO, enabled by better facilities and stronger partnerships.

The Meeting ended with the introduction of Philcamsat’s Client Care Team headed by Ms. Juvy Iral and a teaser of Philcamsat’s soon-to-launch web series called “Sea of Stories” featuring inspiring narratives of PTC’s Global Maritime Professionals.