PTC Imagineers the Future as it Marks 40th Anniversary
By: ptcadminacess

Honoring a legacy in maritime, PTC marked its 40th founding anniversary with an ever greater commitment to contribute to nation building and to empower the communities it serves.

Converging last February 19 at the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in San Antonio Village, Makati, the PTC Group commemorated the occasion with a holy mass celebrated by Fr. Tito Caluag.

“Finding opportunities where people see problems, fostering dreams where people feel despair…that is part of the DNA of PTC. That is the spirit that you have grown over the last 40 years. Now, as we face the coming decades, you are most needed again to fulfill a mission for our country,” said Fr. Caluag to the employees during his homily.

“With the future of work changing at a very rapid pace as a result of the 4th industrial revolution, it is predicted that by 2020, a third of the present skill sets of jobs will need to be replaced entirely,” he continued. “By the time that they graduate, two-thirds of present Kindergarten students will be taking on jobs that do not yet exist today. With a very young population, the Philippines actually has a bright future ahead provided that we have a workforce that is well educated and properly trained to take on the jobs of tomorrow. This can only happen if industries will help bring about the kind of skill sets that our country will need. I believe that PTC is very conscious of this and has thus confronted the challenge of preparing today’s learners for the demands of the future as seen in our partnership for the maritime senior high school.”

Addressing his beloved PTC Family, Ambassador Carlos C. Salinas expressed his awe and gratitude seeing PTC’s modest beginnings in crew management expand into an impressive platform of maritime and other industry services.

“I humbly thank each and every member of our PTC family, our principals, and our partners. It is your dedication and loyalty that has honored this company’s history and ensure its future. You have every reason to be proud and congratulate yourselves,” the Ambassador said. “But let us not be complacent. As we near our half-century mark, let us keep looking critically at what we do and even revisit our tried and tested winning strategies. To take the PTC group further and faster, not just for ourselves but for the industries we serve and the communities we care for, let us continue to be passionate in our pursuit of national economic growth. Let the thought that we are contributing to the lives of so many be our ikigai: our reason for getting up every morning and coming to work every single day. May our ikigai continue to reflect our core values and our quality service to all our stakeholders.”

Following the mass, the Philippine Madrigal Singers gave a mini-concert for all the PTC Group employees in attendance.

The anniversary celebration geared into full swing at the Kamagong Open Square in First Maritime Place where employees enjoyed hefty servings of their favorite street food and beverages while being serenaded by a string quartet. A raffle draw was conducted for participants of the “Most Special Moments” contest which featured photos depicting the fondest moments of employees throughout their years at PTC.

Unveiled during the affair was the PTC Group’s 40th anniversary logo which carried the theme “Imagineering the Future.”

“Through strengthened synergy across the group and committed collaboration with partners across the globe, the PTC Group is set to engineer its future towards moving the world in more ways than one, further and faster, towards a brighter future,” said PTC CEO Gerardo Borromeo as he explained the theme.

Mr. Borromeo also lead the group in honoring PTC Founder Ambassador Salinas and Mrs. Isabelita Salinas by presenting a commemorative gift called “The Traveller.” Made from a paua shell, the sculpture depicts a sailboat finally reaching calm waters after a long and challenging voyage, symbolizing PTC’s momentous and historic journey over the last four decades.

Honoring a legacy in maritime, PTC marked its 40th founding anniversary with an ever greater commitment to its mission while embracing its efforts to expand into other industries, empower the communities it serves and aid the government in nation building.