To provide you with world-class job placement and career management services across different sectors and industries. The PTC Group of companies is committed to protecting your personal information. PTC understands that such personal information is valuable and propriety, and any unauthorized use or disclosure of such personal information could cause irreparable harm. This Privacy Policy outlines the information collection practices utilized by PTC and all her subsidiaries and business units, specifically on how the personal information you provided us is used, stored, shared, and protected.

Why and how we collect personal information

When you provide personal information or otherwise known as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to PTC or any of its subsidiaries, business units, and authorized representatives whether through online channels, personally appearing in any of our offices for application, taking part in any of PTC’S research or surveys, or by any other method by which PTC collects personal information this would enable PTC to provide the data subject the opportunities for career advancement whether locally or in the global marketplace.

In particular, PTC uses the information provided to:

  1. 1.) Assess capabilities and experience and match it with the requirements of PTC’s principals.
  2. 2.) Determine necessary training and certificates needed for employment.
  3. 3.) Share the personal data/s to subsidiaries of PTC that may provide a more convenient and better career management service this includes but not limited to companies in the following industries:
    1. a. Marine Management
    2. b. Education and Professional Development
    3. c. Healthcare
    4. d. Offshore Management
    5. e. Property Development
    6. f. Microfinance
    7. g. Family Care Programs
    8. h. Travel
    9. i. Logistics
What type of information does the PTC Group collect?

The information we collect includes, but is not limited to the following
  1. 1.) Basic personal information (e.g. your name, date of birth, gender, address);
  2. 2.) Contact details (e.g. email address, mobile phone number, telephone number);
  3. 3.) Government ID’s (e.g., SSS, PhilHealth, Pag-IBIG, TIN);
  4. 4.) Bank and allotment details.
  5. 5.) Latest service record.
  6. 6.) Latest land-based employment information.
  7. 7.) Competency and Proficiency information.
  8. 8.) Training information.
  9. 9.) Seaman’s book information.
  10. 10.) Passport information.
  11. 11.) Visa Information.
  12. 12.) Next of Kin, beneficiary and allottee contact details.
How we protect your information

The confidentiality and security of your information is important to us. All information captured by the PTC Group is always stored securely and will not be provided to any unauthorized third parties. We also put in effect safeguards such as:
  1. 1.) Keeping your information using a secured server behind a firewall, encryption, and security controls.
  2. 2.) Restricting access to your information to qualified and authorized personnel.
  3. 3.) Using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to establish an encryption link between a web server and a browser ensuring your information remains private and integral.
  4. 4.) Your information may continue to be stored, processed, and/or shared for five (5) years from the conclusion of your last transaction with PTC or until the expiration of the retention limits set by applicable law, whichever comes later.
Access to your information

If you wish to have access to your personal information in our records; or you think that such information we have of you is incomplete, not up-to-date, or otherwise inaccurate, you may get in touch with our data privacy officer through the following:

Office address:
4/F Quality Assurance Department / Data Privacy
Philippine Transmarine Carriers Holdings Corp.
Data Privacy Officer, PTC Holdings Corporation

First Maritime Place
7458 Bagtikan St., San Antonio Village, Makati City 1203 Philippines
Telephone: +63 2 7798 1111 Ext: 2108
Email address:

Revisions to policy

This policy is reviewed regularly and may be revised from time to time, as we alter the way we use your information, new features are added to the site, or the legislation changes. Please check the policy periodically for updates and additions.

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